Come Alive...


The above quote from Howard Thurmond is the essence of Wayfinder Advisors' mission. Our Workshops are built around helping educated professionals figure out how to "come alive" in their careers by pursuing work that energizes them.  We think everybody deserves to be proud of the work they do and build careers with purpose.  The more people who "come alive", the better our world becomes.  


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Do you feel like something is missing and you want more from your career? Download our free Energy Matrix tool to help you find your clarity and purpose. 

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Come Alive

This Workshop is designed for burned out, educated professionals who are interested in creating a career that they feel engaged, alive and energized in.

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Go Do It

Know what you want but not sure how to accomplish it?  Go Do It provides the tools to coach yourself, come alive and live on purpose, on your terms.

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